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I took a crashcourse and passed my test within a week. It was so stress free and enabled me to really concentrate on learning to drive. Still cant believe i passed my test which is something ive wanted to do for years and glad i did a course instead of weekly lessons.Go for a crashcourse if you live in tameside and pass just like i did in quick time.

I needed to pass my test quick as my partner was expecting our baby and also for work reasons. i took a total of 20 hours which was advised after an asessment lesson. Mark even took me to the theory test ctr on a lesson which saved me alot of time. Would recommend mark to anyone considering lessons/courses in or around tameside.

I took a 30 hour crashcourse with mark from Tameside Crashcourses in March. I decided on a course due to not having the time to do weekly lessons after work, also my brother did a course with Mark and recommended it.Really glad i did it this way and would certainly recommend a course to anyone thinking of doing one.

I took a 25hr course over 5 days as i already had 10 hours experience. My lessons/days were so relaxed and was made to feel confident in my own ability with the first 5 hours. If you want a school in tameside to teach you too drive at a relaxed pace, then this is where to come and learn.

Thanks again mark

Passed my test after taking a 25 hour crashcourse over 5 days (mon to fri). I learned to drive over 3 years ago but stopped for financial reasons. Didnt want to go down the weekly learning route again so opted for a crashcourse with a local instructor. Best choice I made all year.

Was looking at doing an intensive course in Blackpool and then found a crashcourse right on my doorstep in Tameside.

Work wanted me to pass my test quick so i called Mark at Tameside Crashcourses and booked a 15 hour course over 3 days. Saved my boss a fortune as i was picked up from home and didnt have to travel and stay overnight in Blackpool. Mark was a great instructor got on really well and passed my test first time with NO minor driving faults.

I called Tameside Crashcourses after noticing the web address on a banner locally. I spoke to Mark and arranged over the phone a 10 hour course over 3 days. I Passed my test with a CLEAN SHEET which means no driving faults at all which is very rare i was told. I cant thank mark enough for his guidance and glad i did not continue with weekly lessons.

p.s My kids are glad too as i can now taxi them around.

Passed my driving test with Mark from Tameside Crashcourses on Wed 27th July 2011.

I was recommended from my friend Kayla who also passed a few Months earlier. I took a 15 hour course over 3 days as i already had previous experience. The course went so fast and was really pleased with myself that i never stalled the car over the 15 hours which my instructor told my was very rare. Ive also just recommended a friend to do the course who is due to start in August.

I originally booked a 25hour crashcourse over 6 days, but after my first 5 hour day my instructor(Mark)advised me to reduce it by a day to a 20 hour course as i was at a more advanced standard. This did not only boost my confidence but also saved me money. I passed my test first time with only 1 minor driving fault.If you are looking for a crashcourse in stockport or anywhere else in the area, then i would gladly advise you to book with tameside driving school today. KAYLA.

Passed my test on thursday 4th march at hyde test centre with only 2 minor driving faults. Having not drove for a few years, i wanted to pick a driving school that was local and could give me 2 hours a week, having heard Tameside driving school on the local radio station i called them and was booked in for a 2 hour lesson within the week. All my lessons where structured to help with my weak areas and always looked forward to my next one. I would recommend mark from tameside driving school to anyone searching for a local driving instructor.

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